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We successfully rebranded public housing and probation, and are now expanding the conversation around climate change.

Our work has been lauded by The New York Times, TIME, NPR, BuzzFeed, Politico, Slate, and other leading news channels.

Our programming has served thousands, earned participants thousands of dollars in stipends from NYC, and launched careers. The wait list numbers 500+.

Supporters of our projects include former president Jimmy Carter, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Our PBS film was welcomed into over 200 festivals in 42 countries around the world, amassing 77 awards and 21 award nominations.

Our first book garnered multiple awards and placed as a finalist twice. Our second book also placed as an award finalist.

Our work has attracted fans across the political spectrum. We believe this is the most promising path to reform.

A nonprofit,

Seeing for Ourselves

equips and trains

marginalized individuals

to take control

of their own public narrative

by documenting their lives photographically.

The practice is known as "participatory photography."

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For more information, visit the Project Lives website.

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For more information, visit the In a Whole New Way website.

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For more information, visit the Picturing My Climate Future website.

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