"As I observed almost four years ago about Project Lives—the book of photographic self-portrayals by New York public housing residents, with imagery intertwining revelatory text—it is always inspiring to see the scorned and disenfranchised take control of their lives. Now comes the book and documentary about cameras turned over to the city's probationers, the latest effort by the non-profit Seeing for Ourselves.


    Once again, we recognize how connected we all remain.


    Once again, the photographs open our eyes and warm our hearts.


    Once again, our concerns for social justice broaden and deepen."                


                                                              --NOAM CHOMSKY

    "In a Whole New Way" Trailer
             Press Release

    Seeing for Ourselves is pleased to announce that its documentary film about the photographic rebranding of probation, In a Whole New Way, had its world premiere at the prestigious Manhattan Film Festival, based at the Cinema Village at 22 East 12th Street in New York City, on June 23, 2021.



    Project Lives, 2013

     Upholding universal values and the common ground beneath our feet
    No one benefits from looking down on those less fortunate.  Yet this behavior ensnares
    so many of us from time to time—possibly a hard-wired tendency of humanity.
    But why not encourage, as a great president termed it, the better angels of our nature?  Seeing for Ourselves at seeingforourselves.org aims to reduce perceived differences among us and promote solidarity with others riding this blue planet, through the mechanism of participatory photography.
    Providing the tools, training, and global outreach to those marginalized in our image-dominated culture so they take charge of their own public narrative forms our mission.


    Project Lives, 2013

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    Project Lives, 2013

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    In a Whole New Way, 2019

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    In a Whole New Way, 2019

    Our work has served:

    2.6 million American

    housing project residents

    3.6 million Americans

    serving a probation term

    In a Whole New Way, 2022

    Hunter Gallery PL pix.jpg
    Hunter East Harlem Gallery February 2016: Project Lives
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        Hunter East Harlem Gallery March 2019: NeON Photography