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In 2017,  Seeing for Ourselves took a break while eagerly awaiting the November announcement of National Endowment of the Arts grant winners.   A project endorsement by US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand seemed especially promising.  Our financial picture remained what it had been at the end of 2016, no new revenue or expenses in 2017, while our social media accounts continued attracting the odd page fan and follower.

And the great day came. 


A grant was awarded to conduct a follow-up effort to Project Lives on behalf of New Yorkers on probation.  The New York City Department of Probation then provided Chelsea with a temporary position to run the program on the ground.  Armed with high-end digital cameras from Sigma Corporation of America, we were off to the races.

The new program, with the working title of Supervised Lives and including this time a documentary as well as a book, launched with the new year of 2018.



We at Seeing for Ourselves look forward to conducting our second project in 2018.


The political climate in this country will be way different than in when we conducted Project Lives. This will entail new challenges, including to the cause of criminal justice system reform, where momentum has stalled at the federal level.  But the encouragement we have continued to receive since 2015 has us fired up and ready to go!

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