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What we're planning to do -- with your help

Having given New York's housing project residents the tools to help change how America views them, we aim to do similar work for others disadvantaged in today's media-driven culture.  Future efforts may focus on pupils in various public schools in Toledo; New Yorkers on probation; the mentally ill; people with disabilities; or the terminally ill, among others.  Anywhere you might find yourself wondering what it's like to view the world through their eyes, that's where you may find Seeing for Ourselves.

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Your donation to Seeing for Ourselves, a 401(c )(3) non-profit, will impact so many lives.


Including your own.


  • Assist the integration of disadvantaged Americans into the national family.

  • Contribute to a more caring society.

  • Support a unique program.

  • Help not just one project but an entire series.

  • Earn a well-deserved tax deduction.

  • Make a permanent contribution to the arts -- and to a new form of storytelling.


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