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In 2018,  Seeing for Ourselves found itself totally immersed in its second effort, on behalf of the clients of New York's Department of Probation, another population like public housing residents whose media image had hamstrung their efforts to create a better life and who might benefit from obtaining a marketable skill and an open career path.

Chelsea ran the project on the ground as a temporary employee of the Department, while Jonathan researched and wrote the accompanying text and George arranged for an exhibit and set a course for eventual publication.

The effort was funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.  Sigma Corporation of America provided the cameras, and the city's Work Progress Program allowed us to pay stipends to participants so they could earn while they learned.

In the view of the NEA, our pre-existing camera stock had no value, so in effect the balance sheet for the year was effectively a blank. We put out funds and then were reimbursed by NEA and WPP.  But Jonathan and George contributed a person-year between them in voluntary labor, Jonathan paying his own way down from his Maine home to NYC periodically.


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