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In 2021, Seeing for Ourselves continued its second effort, on behalf of the clients of New York’s Department of Probation (DOP).


Our half-hour documentary In a Whole New Way played in the film festival circuit, selected by over a hundred festivals around the world and amassing almost forty awards.  The film also won the support of legislators, justice officials, and the probation industry itself.  All this was a major step in terms of the hoped-for impact on the scale of Project Lives. Press coverage would be key but was not solicited, pending a more strategic moment.


The planned major exhibition of Seeing for Ourselves photography wound up being postponed until 2022, after the Delta and Omnicron variants of COVID-19 dashed hopes for a museum reopening.


Book publishing was completely disrupted by the pandemic’s impact on global supply chains, but workarounds were afoot by year-end to put the book out.


The balance sheet for the year, as previously, was effectively a blank. We put out personal funds for festival fees that were partly reimbursed by the NEA grant and a gracious donation by Board Member Holly Gordon.

Meanwhile, Jonathan and George continued to contribute a person-year between them in voluntary labor.


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